The Cooper Street Historic District in Camden, New Jersey, is a setting for learning about how cities grow and change--and for discovering how individual decision-making affects the vitality and sustainability of urban neighborhoods.

Research into the social history of Cooper Street is creating new knowledge about Camden, New Jersey, residents during the city’s period of greatest growth. Rutgers-Camden students contributing to this project gain research and writing skills and insight into urban history, historic preservation, and historical interpretation. As we learn, we strive to call attention to Cooper Street as an asset for the campus and surrounding communities.

Recently Added Items

Yellowware Mug


American production of yellowware ceramics, named for the yellow hue of the clay used, centered on New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This nearly-complete…

Cosmetics Container


This jar likely held cosmetics, such as a cold cream or powder. Despite missing its lid, this container still reveals details about Cooper Street’s…

White Granite Plate


White granite became a popular choice for dinnerware in the mid-nineteenth century because it had the appearance of porcelain but was less expensive…