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Mason's Improved Fruit Jar
A product of the Consolidated Fruit Jar Company in late 1870s, this Mason’s Improved Jar proved to be popular and accessible to many people in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A common household item, the jar helped housewives during the…

Data about past residents of the 400 block of Linden Street in Camden, NJ. Developed in 1871, this block known as Linden Terrace was a distinctive development of 34 stone-facade row houses on a widened street landscaped with three oval parks with…

Data about past residents of Lawrence Street, which lies within the Cooper Street Historic District in Camden, N.J. (Link here to view.)

Data about residents on Lawrence Street in Camden, New Jersey.

A Civil War veteran, Amos Homan operated a cigar stand at 37 Cooper Street and eventually bought the building.

John Hanmore, a Philadelphia manufacturer, moved his family to a new home on Cooper Street during the 1880s. His death changed the family's fortunes.

Sugar boxes held sugar to sweeten tea and coffee or to make unpalatable wine drinkable. This nearly-intact pearlware example from the early 1800s has a hand-painted garland design.

Glass Syringe.jpg
In the second half of the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century, doctors and patients at home relied on glass syringes to treat various conditions, including venereal diseases. Unlike hypodermic needles, these artifacts, also…
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