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During the Vietnam War era, Michael Giocondo participated in the "Camden 28" raid on draft board headquarters.

Originally a livery stable operator, Joshua Franklin's life on Cooper Street spanned to the age of the automobile.

Data about past residents of Fourth Street in Camden, NJ. Fourth Street between Lawrence and Pearl Streets is currently a walkway through the campus of Rutgers-Camden. Earlier, Fourth Street in these blocks developed as a residential street between…

Discovered alongside many other items of its kind, this object was identified as a food preparation and storage vessel. Its circular base and wide open top suggests that it was used for preparation over storage - it was not found with an airtight lid…

Past residents of Fifth Street, Camden, N.J., including 211 N. Fifth St., Rutgers-Camden Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. (Work in progress.)     Link to database here.

A leader in public health, Dr. Henry Hill Davis lived at 417 Cooper Street for five years prior to his retirement in 1925.

This jar likely held cosmetics, such as a cold cream or powder. Despite missing its lid, this container still reveals details about Cooper Street’s residents. The existence of cosmetics at home suggests the means to purchase a luxury and the leisure…

Straight pins filled a number of needs in the nineteenth-century household. Women used them to sew clothes and fasten baby diapers, and men used them to fasten documents before the invention of the staple. The thimble protected the pointer finger…

Data about past residents of Cooper Street in Camden, N.J. (work in progress).


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