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Expansion of the Victor Talking Machine Company spelled the end for a block of houses on Cooper Street between Front Street and Delaware Avenue.

White granite became a popular choice for dinnerware in the mid-nineteenth century because it had the appearance of porcelain but was less expensive and more durable. Pieces were often decorated with natural motifs.

The painted features of this porcelain doll face point to the work of firms in the Thuringia area of Germany. Thuringia’s natural clay deposits made it the center of the German doll industry. This doll likely once included glass enamel eyes and a…

Students, almshouse residents, and homemakers all crafted buttons out of cleaned cow bones. The carving required few tools and little skill. The incomplete button blank on the center of this board still shows a fragment of the larger bone from which…

Mothers in the late nineteenth century used Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, made by Curtis & Perkins of Bangor, Maine, to ease their babies’ teething pain and other ailments. It lived up to its name, soothing distressed children into a peaceful…

Beer Bottle
This bottle was used to sell and distribute beer by Charles Joly, a bottler at 9 Seventh Street in Philadelphia. Consumers paid for the beer, but not the bottle. Beer drinkers would return the bottles to the brewer or take the bottles back to get…
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